The new book is Perfect Lingerie

In the criminal underworld there are specialists of every kind. If you lose something valuable, no matter what it is, Hakeem Carbonneau Baptiste is who you call. If a collector buys a stolen work of art and it’s stolen a second time, Baptiste can probably find it. If your business partner goes into witness protection and a message exchange needs to take place, it can happen with his help. It’s steady work that takes Baptiste all over the world and he’s the right man for the job- of truly mixed ancestry, he blends in everywhere from Paris to Tel Aviv. The latest hunt takes him to Portland, Oregon, a gentrified city of affluent tech, gastronomic trendsetters and hipsters galore, and the vast majority of them are white. Blending in isn’t an option. More difficult still, the job incorporates Information Theory. Once Baptiste locates a small drive containing valuable data, no one can ever know he was there at all, much less that he found it. It has to be found ‘untouched’ by the actual retrieval team.

The key to it all is in a private dance club. One of the dancers has the location, though she herself is unaware. Hakeem Carbonneau Baptiste takes the high stakes job with his usual clinical resolve, but he is tested and even transformed by the women and the world of the Perfect Lingerie.

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Above is a link to my blog. Cosmetic perfection in a manuscript is a hard thing to achieve. Agent and author work hand in hand and the agent reveals, in the politest possible way, their superior command of the English language, world literary history, the evolutionary structure of the novel as applied to the immdediate future, and gives deeper, more nuanced insights into the novels the author most recently read. A great agent is kin to the finer librarians, though I doubt the comparison would be appreciated by either. A writer must be incredibly well read. This is obvious. A good agent absolutely must be as well.