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The paperback of Lucky Supreme, A Novel Of Many Crimes is available at bookstores

Jeff Johnson is a full time novelist, Screenwriter, new director and lifelong ART DORK who divides his time between the Scenic Pacific Northwest and sunny california. He's the author of the critically acclaimed Tattoo Machine, Everything Under The Moon, Knottspeed A Love Story, the Darby Holland Crime Trilogy Lucky Supreme, A Long Crazy Burn, and The Animals After Midnight and The philadelphia noir novel Deadbomb Bingo Ray. stay tuned for developments on the much anticipated film The Kinjiku. The Lucky Supreme Trilogy was acquired by Italian publisher Fanucci and optioned for television by the oscar winning Mark Harris of The harris company. Literary representation By Stuart Miller.

“Jeff Johnson is a gifted and natural storyteller, and he knows about things you don’t know.”-John Irving, Academy Award Winning author of Cider House Rules

“Absolutely fascinating.” WASHINGTON POST

“One of the best books I’ve read so far this year…” –Jeff VanderMeer, New York Times Bestselling author of the South Reach Trilogy

 “Equally hilarious, alarming, heartbreaking, rebellious, and philosophical, Tattoo Machine gets inside your head...” ---Donald Ray Pollack

“Funny, outlandish, and sometimes disturbing…” --NEW YORK POST

 “Jeff Johnson’s own remarkable story weaves through this engaging and gritty examination of the world of tattoos. With lyrical punch and plenty of scabrous behind-the-scenes shenanigans, Tattoo Machine is an informative, intelligent delight.”--Katherine Dunn, author of Geek Love 

Magnificent. Lovingly wrapped in Johnson’s gift for riveting storytelling and flair for translating the vividly visual into prose.” – THE TORONTO STAR

“-Johnson’s stingly profane prose, storytelling chops, and offbeat sensibility definitely get under the reader’s skin.”—PUBLISHERS WEEKLY

Stone. Cold. Crazy. Cool.

“The bastard lovechild of Charles Bukowski and Raymond Chandler, Lucky Supreme is a novel so good you’ll want to ink it into your skin.”-Craig Johnson, author of the Walt Longmire Mysteries, the basis of Netflix’s hit drama Longmire.

“I didn’t know anyone could do noir like this. Now I know Jeff Johnson can.”— Joe R Lansdale, Edgar Award and World Fantasy Award Winner of The Drive In and Hap & Leonard

“Lucky Supreme by Jeff Johnson. Don’t be surprised if you pull an all-nighter to finish Lucky Supreme which starts off with a theft in a tattoo parlor in Portland, Oregon and launches the protagonist on a dark, thrilling adventure full of deception, freaks, and surreal situations.” Top 25 novels of 2017 --MEDIUM

“Johnson launches the first of a noir trilogy with this highly original caper novel. Darby Holland is the proprietor of the Lucky Supreme, a tattoo parlor in the Old Town neighborhood of Portland, Ore., where he and his artists, a gang of societal misfits, have created their own niche within this gentrifying community. Johnson, a veteran tattoo artist, captures the conflict between the two cultures perfectly without any false sentiment . . . The inventive, unorthodox Darby effectively marshals his forces against thugs, officials, and even federal agents in this amusing crime tale.”--PUBLISHERS WEEKLY Starred Review

“As hip and cool as the neon rain-slicked streets of Portland. Darby Holland is a modern hero in the mold of Sam Spade and Marlowe only with more tattoos and in steel-toed boots. A funny and very gritty book with cool folks, cool music, and wonderful sense of place.” –Ace Atkins, New York Times Bestselling author of The Innocents and Robert B. Parker's Slow Burn

“What wonderful Northwest noir. LUCKY SUPREME cruises through Portland's underworld with a raunchy grace and an unfailing sense of black humor. I loved it.” --New York Times bestselling & 3-time Edgar Award-winning author T. Jefferson Parker

“Quick, thrilling, this is a novel filled with many crimes and is just the beginning of what looks to be a very interesting trilogy.”—SUSPENSE MAGAZINE

“Johnson wields the lurid pen of twentieth century crime novelists like Raymond Chandler and Mickey Spillane and stands with contemporaries like Michael Connelly and Walter Mosley to grace the grit of dark streets.”—THE EUGENE WEEKLY  


 “Jeff Johnson is the real deal. A great talent, a pleasure to read.”–Brad Smith, author of Red Means Run

New Audiobook!

Narrator for The Darby Holland Crime Series Keith Szarabajka has appeared in many films, including The Dark KnightMissing, and A Perfect World, and on such television shows as The EqualizerAngelCold CaseGolden Years, and Profit. Szarabajka has also appeared in several episodes of Selected Shorts for National Public Radio. He won the 2001 Audie Award for Unabridged Fiction for his reading of Tom Robbins’ Fierce Invalids Home from Hot Climates and has won several Earphones Awards.

Italian Lucky Supreme edition is exceptionally beautiful and the audiobook is AWESOME!

Lucky Supreme
By Jeff Johnson

Darby Holland has a complex backstory, as shown in Johnson’s engrossing third novel featuring the Portland, Ore., tattoo parlor and strip club owner (after 2017’s A Long Crazy Burn). Early on, for example, the reader learns that Darby once drugged a real estate developer and sent “him off to die in Russia.” Now some of that checkered past has resurfaced. Darby returns home one night to find concrete evidence to buttress his suspicion that someone has been stalking him—footprints in the dirt outside his bedroom window. The search to identify his stalker turns deadly. Eventually, the trail leads to Midnight Rider Productions, which has been producing episodic documentaries. The company’s sadistic business model is to destroy a person’s life and film the resulting decline, which in at least one instance ends in suicide. Johnson lightens the heavy subject matter with odd subplots, including Darby’s journey into the woods to bury a friend’s nephew’s dead and frozen pet. Elmore Leonard fans should be pleased. (Feb.) PUBLISHERS WEEKLY

“This is a really good book full of bad people you’ll sorely miss as soon as you're not reading about them anymore. Get started and you’ll get over it sooner.”—Thomas Perry, New York Times bestselling author of The Bomb Maker

“There is one Portland, Oregon, that is marked by polite, gentrified civility, and then there’s its fever-dream, noir-drenched opposite, a dimension reached by walking out the back door of the Lucky Supreme, the Old Town tattoo parlor dreamed up by Jeff Johnson and overseen by master tattist Darby Holland, another mind-altering creation of Johnson’s. In this universe, the good guys come from the side-show tents, the bad guys have escaped from the cages, and the mayhem is managed by a ringmaster with a surgeon’s touch and a comic’s timing. Bravo.”— Les Standiford, New York Times bestselling author of Last Train to Paradise

“The Animals After Midnight is the literary equivalent of Quentin Tarantino directing a season of Portlandia with the spirit of Charles Bukowski consulting.”—Dave Zeltserman, author of Small Crimes and Husk

Deadbomb Bingo Ray
By Jeff Johnson

 “This evil strut of a book is wildly smart, utterly warped and exultant in its own mad glory.” --Warren Ellis, Transmetropolitan

“Jeff Johnson writes with a poet's rhythm, a boxer's attitude and an artist's sense of style and flair.”--Norman Green, Shamus Award Winner of The Last Gig

 “We lost George V. Higgins too long ago; thank goodness we now have Jeff Johnson. Deadbomb Bingo Ray is a shot of good old 70's muscle-noir for 2017, written with a bounce and a turn of phrase that elevates it above the pack. If this guy's under your radar, recalibrate!”
--Sean Doolittle, multiple award winning author of The Cleanup and Rain Dogs

“Hard-boiled, hilarious, and as serious as a straight razor. It has more good ideas, great jokes, and splendid writing on one page than most books have in a full chapter.”—Tim Halinan, author of Simeon Grist, Poke Rafferty, and the Junior Bender series

“The launch of Johnson’s new series, as inventive and comic as the Darby Holland books (Lucky Supreme, etc.), introduces Philadelphia fixer Dead Bomb Bingo Ray. … Descriptive gems—“the costume brought out the side of him that was dangerous in a next-level way, beyond angry beehive and well into biblical-serpent territory”—make Johnson’s writing a rare treat. ” PUBLISHER’S WEEKLY

“-a fast-paced, quick-witted neonoir caper series packed with cons and double crosses, larger-than-life characters, and vivid language. Bound to attract fans of Norman Green, Roger Hobbs, and Max Allan Collins’s “Quarry” novels, as well as the gritty works of Stuart MacBride and Pete Dexter.” --Pick of the month, November- Library Journal Review

 Crime. Vengeance. Love. Physics.

The infamous Deadbomb Bingo Ray is a high level fixer in the City of Brotherly Love. He’s the man you call when you’ve crossed the line into hopeless and there’s no way back to anywhere.

Three years have passed since Ray burned a hedge fund manager on behalf of a pool of retirees, and now the money man is back for revenge. While Ray unravels the plot and orchestrates some payback of his own, he unwittingly steps into the ultimate high stakes game. Falling in love with the beautiful physicist trapped at the edge of the burn was just bad timing.

When the fuse is finally lit, getting killed isn’t high on the list of the worst that could happen in this dark and stylish noir.

Deadbomb Bingo Ray
By Jeff Johnson

For Everything Under The Moon- Soft Skull Press, optioned for television by Sternman Productions

“A briskly paced, splatter-filled crime novel to delight fans of directors Tarantino and Rodriguez.” - KIRKUS

 “This is the werewolf as you haven’t seen it before: talking like a Richard Kadrey novel, walking through Charlie Huston’s dark streets, and snarling like a Jim Harrison creature.” -Steven Graham Jones, author of Mongrels

“In Jeff Johnson’s world, the volume is always cranked up to eleven, the violence is cranked up to the max, and it’s just one damned thing after another. The pace is fast, the plot is racing and restraint has been kicked into the gutter. … And it’s got werewolves. What more do you want?”--Simon R. Green, New York Times Bestselling Author of Tales from the Nightside

Knottspeed: A Love Story
By Jeff Johnson

Got a problem? He does too.

“Through dark, sarcastic humor glazed with cynical insights into the human condition, Johnson turns readers into confused collaborators in the outlandish, death-defying schemes through which Knottspeed drags his broken body. Bullets fly, knives are drawn, and death is waiting to join the fray as the characters cuss, fight, and drink their way out of the dull, uneventful lives they had led before Knottspeed arrived. Will they survive the chaos? Will they survive Knottspeed? All roads collide in Johnson’s irreverent, chaotic novel, with an ending that will leave readers stunned. (Feb.) PUBLISHER’S WEEKLY

“Phillip Marlow meets Joe Pitt, Knottspeed is legendary, irreverent and deeply funny, a philosophical love letter to vagabonds and outcasts everywhere.”--Kate Moretti, New York Times Bestselling author of The Vanishing Year

 “This book is a gritty and unforgettable odyssey. Some parts are tough, others are hilarious, but all of it's great. Jeff Johnson's writing is remarkable.” --William Jensen, author of Cites of Men



by Anita Busch January 2, 2019 12:24pm

EXCLUSIVE: Mark R. Harris’ Los Angeles-based production shingle, The Harris Company, has optioned the crime series Darby Holland from veteran tattoo artist and crime novelist Jeff Johnson. Harris, whose credits include Gods and Monsters (which won Best Adapted Screenplay for Bill Condon) and the Academy-Award winning Best Picture Crash(2004), is producing. Kate Orsini (The Bold and the BeautifulThe Honor List) is on board to pen the script for a planned television series.

The first in the crime series is Lucky Supreme, which was released by Arcade Publishing in April of last year to critical acclaim and was named Best Crime Novel of the year by Medium.

“I’ve been wanting to do this for many years. I made a stab at it a long time ago, a number of years ago, and then I dropped out of television to concentrate on financing my own films,” Harris told Deadline. “When Jeff told me the properties were available, I decided that in getting back into television, I wanted to do it with something as exciting as this. I go by material that is well written, never been seen in this kind of light before and tells a series of good stories. Kate Orsini and I agree that Jeff is one of the greatest novelists ever; he is one of the most lyrical writers, and his characters and storytelling jump off the page.”

Harris was the co-exec producer on the TV series spinoff of Crash for Starz as well as co-exec producer on The Black Donnellys for NBC. He was also in partnership with Paul Haggis on critical favorite E-Z Streets for CBS.



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