Jeff Johnson And The Telephones. Music comes around and it goes around, and right now its coming around again. There’s talk of adapting the novel Knottspeed, A Love Story into a musical for the stage and Ho. Lee. Shit. What a cool thing that would be. This selection of Telephone tunes sort of illustrate the flavor of the musical in the making.

A NOTE on Dirty Bird, link above. I was seventeen when all this happened and having so much fun! That was back before tattooing and I was being beaten half to death in the service of French chefs learning how to cook, something I’m endlessly glad I did. Tombo (drums) was also an apprentice at The Cajun Cafe, famous for its endless rotation of stupendously rude but talented guest chefs. Michael Martinez (bass) went on to be one of the most noteworthy chefs in Portland, no mean feat. Recording with them again in San Francisco this December is going to be a blast, and we might be the only punk band I know of who, after a day of tearing a black hole in space, will dedicate ourselves to stuffing a chicken with green chilis, apple, cubed baguette, toasted cumin seeds, leeks, sauteed chanterelles and rosemary and then carefully adorning the underside of the skin with paper thin slices of black truffle. Also, the new incarnation will be called GLEECLUBFOOT.


The Dirty Bird 45

We recorded it in Seattle in less than one hour because, hey man, we were poor.


We played with the great, great band Hitting Birth all the time in those days. I think I remember the chicks in the Hellcows were incredibly mean, no surprise there.